Terex Washing Systems

TWS is committed to providing outstanding customer support and expertise in the field to meet customers’ individual needs through our global dealer network as well as our dedicated team of engineers, applications, sales, marketing and aftersales technicians.

We are the best choice for meeting today’s stringent specifications for clean aggregate because of our:

  • Unique focus/specialization
  • Years of expertise from rich heritage of legacy companies
  • Unmatched range of washing equipment


The M Range are track mounted, fully mobile screens complete with on board side conveyors. Designed to work with the Terex Washing Systems range of equipment independently or as part of an entire plant. Ideal for short to medium term projects. The M range provides various options to choose from capable of producing up to 5 products, the most flexible units on the market.
 Modular Cutting edge washing plants for all your mineral and material washing needs. Including AggWash and the New AggreSand


The Terex® Screenbox Range is designed for maximum production efficiency in applications including sand and gravel, coal, crushed stone, slag, recycled materials, concrete, iron ore and silica glass.
The static structure carrying the screen unit is robust, easy to assemble and includes integrated material discharge chutes, walkways and access steps for access to view production and carry out maintenance. The range includes 2 and 3 deck screens ranging from 8’ x 4’ (2.4m x 1.2m) to 20’ x 6’ (6m x 1.8m).
Sandscrew Terex washing systems also offer a range of sand screw options to fit your needs. The screens range in size from 5’ x 16’ to 6 ’x 20’, and are teamed with single or twin dewatering screws. The screens are outfitted with
strategically placed nozzles to scrub materials clean. High capacity dewatering screws deliver the fine aggregates while chutes and cross conveyors deliver the sized products. The portable chassis design is easy to transport to the desired site and easy to set up.
Logwasher The Terex® PS Range takes washing one step further by providing high speed scrubbing of heavily contaminated material to produce cleaner material at a faster rate.
The PS range is designed with a trough and two axles with interlocking blades and paddles which intensively mix the material. Friction from this process breaks down feed contaminates and allows scrubbed material to be stockpiled.
Feeder A stand alone hopper designed to provide a constant feed of material to Terex Washing Systems plant. A range of different options are available to suit your requirements.
Dewatering The Terex Washing Systems Dewatering screens are specifically designed to dewater material to allow it to be stock piled.

The Terex® FM Compact range are static sand recovery units designed to be both cost and energy efficient.

The Terex® FM Bucket Wheel range of sand classification systems are highly efficient dewatering units.

Bucketwheel The Terex® T Range are are mobile bucket water dewaterers complete with fines retention screw, twin bucket wheel designed units for the removal of clays, silts and slimes to produce up to 2 grades of sand.
The T Range is designed to operate with maximum versatility and can support different requirements such as maximum retention of fines or maximum disposal of fines.
The T Range can be driven hydraulically from the M Range or from its own optional electric power pack
Conveyor The Terex® TC range of conveyors are an integral part of the Terex Washing Systems product range and are constructed to the same high engineering specification. It’s portability and versatility allows it to work in confined spaces and combinations of one, two or three with TWS processing plants.